Technology That Helps You Make Smart Commercial Real Estate Decisions

Enter the address of a commercial property for which you are trying to find a tenant. ZoneSavvy will use its patent-pending technology to tell you which types of businesses would most likely succeed in that neighborhood.

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Enter your type of business and the zip code of the general area where you want to locate the business. ZoneSavvy will use its patent-pending technology to determine which neighborhoods have the greatest shortage of that type of business and will tell you which zip codes would be the best locations for your business.

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ZoneSavvy's Definitive Guide to Finding a Business Location

We all know the oldest piece of advice when it comes to real estate: location, location, location. Yet, applying this advice isn't as simple as the adage itself, and the ramifications for making a mistake could be truly disastrous. If you pick the wrong place to live, you may end up with a punishing commute, awful neighbors or other unexpected annoyances. However, if you make a mistake choosing the location

Tips for Expanding Your Business with a Second Location

Is this the right time to open your business in a new second location? Moving to a second location may seem lucrative if you’re running out of space or if your present location is headed downhill. Since the grass often looks greener on the other side of the fence, many entrepreneurs and business owners choose to move to a new location to increase their odds for business success.

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