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Within the digital marketing strategy, what could be more important in an email marketing campaign than knowing that your carefully planned email is being successfully delivered and receiving customer attention? Spam filters can make sending emails difficult by requiring special rules to be followed before sending a campaign. The question, how to make email marketing so that it complies with the requirements of spam filters, is quite common among professionals who deal with this task on a daily basis.

Therefore, when developing an email marketing campaign, pay attention to the size of the material sent.

What is the perfect email marketing size?

There are several issues to think about when you want to learn how to create an email marketing. In addition to size, other factors are very important for converting leads into customers, such as creating an attractive email marketing title that arouses interest and curiosity.

Once you’ve earned the customer click, it’s time to capture it through a well-developed email marketing layout that’s aesthetically sound to the business and encourages the user to interact with your calls to action. In addition to these, other issues will also make all the difference to achieve the campaign’s objective.

However, the first step is to make your customer see that you have sent an email and if it ends up in the spam box, most likely your email will never be read, no matter how well the title was developed or how. the material is attractive.

Therefore, to increase the open rate of email marketing, you must be careful with the size of email marketing.

Pay attention to the size of your email marketing

After several tests, some experts have found that the perfect email size ranges from 15KB to 100KB. Keeping it below 100KB is the key to avoid getting stuck in spam filters.

This rule applies to campaigns that send email marketing to webmail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and Outlook. One more byte will most likely cost a trip to the spam folder.

Exceeding the email size limit, even a few bytes, makes a difference. Some tests have pointed out that if an email is 600 KB or 110 KB, both will be filtered and marked as spam.

In addition to preventing your emails from being sent to spam, keeping the email size below 100KB also has other advantages to make your email perfect, for example, a lighter email takes less time loading.

If your marketing email is made up of large, heavy images, your loading time will increase. More and more, people are opening their emails on tablets and smartphones. Currently, 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. That’s why it’s important to think that the loading speed of your email campaign on these devices will be slower than on your computer. All the more reason to keep your email below 100KB.

3 Golden Rules for Keeping Email Marketing Size Correct!

Here are some simple rules you should follow when working with one of the most important components of email marketing: images.

1. Never put a single image in your email without any text

Spam filters generally identify when emails are made up of just a single image and use this as a criterion to filter them. That’s why you should build your email marketing in HTML.

The first step in building the email marketing design is choosing a trigger platform that has ready-made HTML email marketing templates for sending the material.

Among the platforms that help you in building the email marketing template you can count on MailChimp, Sendinblue, Nitronews and others you can find in the market.

2. Pay attention when inserting images in email marketing

This is like solving a simple math equation. It doesn’t matter how big or how many images, as long as the entire email message size is less than 100KB.

  • The maximum suggested width for the images that will be in your marketing email is 600 pixels.

Some providers (such as Hotmail and Gmail) use windows of different sizes that end up hiding important parts of the layout, inserting horizontal scroll bars, for example. Make sure you use a size that is readable on different screen sizes, including mobile and tablet.

  • Use few images to avoid auto-lock effects. The market reference is at least 60% text and 40% images.
  • Add the ALT tag: these are alternative texts that appear when, for whatever reason, the image cannot be displayed in the email. These texts must briefly describe the content of the image.
  • Reduce image weight: very heavy images take time to load, which can cause the user to give up viewing the email and delete it. Because of this, it is important to optimize them, reducing their weight as much as possible and maintaining quality. One tool you can use is the TINY.PNG website.

3. Use .png format instead of .jpg for your images

The .png format allows you to optimize the images, making them lighter, without quality changes.

Bonus: What about attachments?

Large attachments will be recognized as harmful by many email providers like Gmail and therefore may land a message in the spam folder. If you decide to use attachments in your email, make sure the size of each attachment is no larger than 2MB and the total size of the attachments is no larger than 10MB.

We suggest avoiding all attachments, using links to stored files or landing pages. Motivate your subscribers with the use of call to action with the goal of getting them to click to increase your CTR (click-through rate), website visits, and brand recognition.

Size of email marketing x content to be transmitted

In addition to these measures, another factor to achieve the ideal email marketing size is to match the volume of content to the space to be used by you in your campaign.

We have separated a list of what to take into account to think about the size of email marketing and thus identify which email marketing model you should use.

  • Who you are sending the marketing email to: thinking about your audiences, or personas, you want to reach is essential before sending any material to help build the type of content that should be developed.
  • What type of marketing email will you send? Do you intend to send a payment confirmation or a marketing email touting an unmissable discount? Are you posting a blog post that developed or launching new products? Each marketing email needs special attention and must be composed of specific information that changes the structure and size of the material.
  • What are you going to talk about? Knowing what you are going to talk about and what information you will put in the email marketing is essential, after all, with the organization of the material that must be present in the email you will also define the type and quantity of images and texts. Organization and planning cannot be left out in campaigns like this.

Conclusions on email marketing size

Spam filters are often misinterpreted as an aggravating obstacle to reaching a customer, but their sole purpose is to improve the quality of email worldwide.
Therefore, when thinking about developing email marketing, always have the objective of producing quality material. Include necessary information and attractive images, keeping your email size within the presented limits.

When done well, email marketing is a critical lead nurturing strategy for any business. The lead qualification allows your company to communicate with customers of each level of the consumer journey within the sales funnel.

It is a strategy that starts with capturing leads and has no end since the relationship with the customer should not be interrupted.

Did you like the tips on how email marketing size can influence your campaigns’ conversion rates?

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