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To stand out in the digital scene, it is essential to apply the best Digital Marketing techniques and strategies, in search of greater relevance within your market segment and, consequently, more satisfactory results. This work, however, is not simple, it requires a lot of attention, planning and must be constantly improved.

But how to ensure team productivity by taking care of so many obligations and responsibilities? There are a few techniques that make this task easier and two of them are CRM and marketing automation. When integrated, they enhance the precision of actions in search of a closer relationship with the consumer.

Are you curious and want to know more about how CRM and Marketing automation can make your team’s day-to-day more productive? Continue reading this article to better understand how these two tools can collaborate so that your marketing plan works and the results achieved are, in fact, satisfactory. Check out!

Why is it important to optimize bureaucratic tasks?

If, on the one hand, the digital transformation has guaranteed more power to the consumer when it comes to relating to companies, it also offers more resources and tools for those concerned with offering the best possible user experience. After all, all you don’t want is for your customer to have reason to look for the competition.

No wonder, a study by Salesforce shows that 57% of users would leave a company for its competitor after a negative experience. Therefore, it is important to put into practice more efficient actions in the search for this satisfaction. Like? The first step is to focus on structuring a strategic plan.

After all, consumers pay less and less attention to campaigns and actions that are not in their interest. The solution is to know in-depth who you want to become a customer and adopt strategies that fit the profile of the target audience. As a result, loyalty work, for example, becomes simpler and more effective.

But with so many responsibilities a marketing team has, it’s not so easy to manage the time to get everything done. So, one solution is to have tools and solutions that optimize this work for you. The idea is that, in this way, the professionals on your team can focus on more strategic and less bureaucratic activities.

After all, why waste time compiling lead information and data when, in fact, you can count on a tool that does the job more efficiently? That’s exactly why the integration between CRM and marketing automation can be a competitive advantage for your company to stand out in the segment.

What is CRM?

CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management which, in Portuguese, can be translated as Customer Relationship Management. In other words, it is a tool used to capture, store and organize important user data and information so that they can be used strategically.

An important part of improving marketing actions is to better understand what are the desires, preferences, objectives, challenges, in short, the profile of who you want to conquer, right? With a CRM system, this process is automated, transforming a bureaucratic task into something simple and easy to be accessed and used.

With all the information — from purchase history to preferred communication channels — centralized in one place, you can make your strategies more effective. From the formats used in email marketing campaigns to the language on social networks, all these Digital Marketing points can be improved.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation consists, in practice, in the adoption of tools and solutions to increase work productivity and, consequently, the results obtained. The idea is to facilitate some tasks and, thus, streamline internal processes that tend to take a lot of time and that did not always provide accurate results.

The objective, therefore, is to reduce the time wasted on bureaucratic tasks that generate few results. When relying on some tools for this work, the tendency is for the data collected to be more useful and favor, for example, the decision process of the marketing team when choosing the most efficient strategies.

Scheduling publications and posts blog to generating leads for a strategy Inbound Marketing, all these activities can be benefited by the process automation. In this way, bureaucratic — but necessary — tasks end up being performed quickly and much more efficiently.

What are the benefits of integrating CRM and marketing automation?

You already know what CRM is and what marketing automation is, right? These are two fundamental concepts for Digital Marketing actions to be, in fact, effective. So, how about learning how to leverage the results provided by these two techniques? From the integration of strategies, the gains are the most varied. Check out!

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Greater integration between areas

For the adopted Digital Marketing strategies to be, in fact, effective, it is necessary, for example, to achieve a satisfactory level in the conversion rate, right? But for this, the work is not just a team, as the sales team also becomes important, especially in the final part of the approach to closing the deal.

With the integration between CRM and marketing automation, all information is centralized, that is, the entire process is monitored by both areas, from attracting and nurturing leads to organizing and recording sales. Thus, Marketing and Sales work together, avoiding rework and maximizing the chances of success.

More precise actions

Accuracy is one of the major goals of any Digital Marketing strategy, after all, there are several indicators directly impacted by this factor. However, the main advantage is to build campaigns and communication actions that convey a message that, in fact, will attract the lead’s attention, increasing, for example, the click-through rate.

In addition to being able to convey a more efficient message to the user, another advantage is the better use of available resources. Since a large budget is not always available for the marketing area, it is essential to adopt actions that generate the best returns and more efficient use of what is available.

More productive team

Time management is often a headache for someone who has to deal with so many responsibilities and tasks, right? Obligations accumulate, nothing is prioritized or given due attention, and thus strategies do not generate such positive returns. The solution may be the integration between these two techniques.

Instead of spending hours compiling information about potential customers, professionals can focus on strategic planning. Likewise, the sales team will have access to more complete information about the lead, being able to approach at the most favorable moment for conversion.

A closer relationship with the customer

One of the most important tasks is, without a doubt, building a closer and more trusting relationship with consumers. How to do this? The first step is to know better who is on the other side and the integration between CRM and marketing automation will directly contribute to this search for more information.

This way your company will obtain accurate and really useful information to get closer to the consumer. With this integration, the trend is for everything to be centralized and you can use data even more efficiently.

In other words, your actions become more personalized, resulting in a more satisfying experience, which increases, for example, the chances of loyalty.

More conversions for your business

Aligning all of the above points, we arrive at what is perhaps the main benefit of the integration between CRM and marketing automation: more conversions. With the union between teams, greater employee productivity, smarter use of resources and closer contact, the trend is to achieve more conversions.

After all, when the customer is satisfied with the relationship and experience built with your brand and the professionals on your team are more productive, the possibilities for growth are enormous. In addition, you have greater precision in the strategies adopted, adding the efficiency of the two techniques together.

With the integration between CRM and marketing automation, you maximize the chances of your business impacting who can actually become a consumer. After all, the great challenge of Digital Marketing is to be able to segment actions and strategies more and more, and joining the two tools can be essential to achieve this goal.

Now that you know how CRM and marketing automation can work together to increase the chances of success of your strategies, how about knowing some options to optimize time management and strengthen customer relationships? That’s why we’ve listed the 8 best automation tools for your company!

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