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Digital Marketing for Schools

Every day, it becomes more difficult for some sectors of the market not to use Digital Marketing in its customer attraction, nutrition, retention, and conversion strategies, after all, it was created to leverage internet business, attract more customers and position the brands. In the school environment it’s no different, so see this text until the end for 5 tips on digital marketing for schools.

Whenever we talk about digital marketing, it is common to associate it with sales of products, pure and simple, with that more traditional institutions, such as schools, tend to have some resistance and fear to face these channels and include them in their strategies.

However, digital marketing for schools can contribute a lot to the institution’s goals, at various times of the year (no focusing only on enrollment time, huh).

Why is Digital Marketing important for schools?

Nowadays, it is common for us to do research on the internet about everything, from choosing what to have lunch to where to live. So it is normal for parents to also search a lot on the internet about schools where to enroll their children.

If your school doesn’t have a strong presence on the internet, students will arrive, mostly by appointment, and this method doesn’t always keep a school full, does it?

Furthermore, if a parent searches for schools in a certain region of the city and you don’t have a strong online presence and your competitor does, he is the one who will appear as an option for that “potential customer”, making your chances diminish. After all, those who are not seen are not remembered!

Using Digital Marketing strategies for schools will bring benefits such as:

  • attracting new students,
  • brand authority,
  • student loyalty,
  • recognition for your school.

Of course, marketing for choices only brings all of this if it’s guided by a good strategy.

5 tips on how to do digital marketing for schools

Creating a digital marketing strategy for schools prioritizes the following tactics:

  1. Enhance your website
  2. Position yourself on Social Media
  3. Content Marketing and SEO
  4. Do internal research to better understand your ideal customer
  5. Make ads on Facebook Ads and Google Ads

1. Improve your website

A school’s website needs to be many things, for those who are getting to know the school for the first time, it is important that it be:

  • loaded with information about the school: institution history, mission, vision and values, school photos, photos of extracurricular activities like fairs, games, and presentations. All of this says a lot about what parents can expect from their child’s new school.
  • responsive: to searches made by smartphones. They already surpass those carried out by computers (notebook or desktop), so it is important that the school knows how its website will appear on other devices. Hire a professional if possible so that the site works well, especially on the cell phone where most searches come from.
  • contact: this is fundamental, isn’t it? There is nothing worse than entering a place with desire and interest and not finding ways to get in touch immediately. Keep all possible channels, including Whatsapp, email and, if possible, even a chatbot so as not to lose this potential customer.

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For those who are already a student or a student’s parent, it is important that the school’s website has specific tabs to interact with its audience, such as:

  • Calendar: keep a calendar tab updated, it is important for parents to keep track of what is being done at school, in addition to reducing the flow of calls with the same questions.
  • Notes: Important for parents and students, it is worth investing in this functionality, despite having a note release job that will involve the integration of staff and teachers, it gives credibility and transparency to the school.

Remember that marketing should not only be used to attract new students and families, but also to retain current “customers” and delight them.

2. Position yourself on Social Media

The marketing for social networking is a great tool for interacting with the public, but also a way to show the position of the school as a teaching institution.

Every day more brands adopt their own approach to have a more original brand on social media, it is interesting that you understand how your school is seen and how you want it to be recognized.

Base your posts that are connected to this placement.

When schools adopt relaxed profiles, for example, using more colloquial language, with slang and memes, they manage to get closer to the public that uses social networks, in addition to the students themselves, who start to interact with the school’s profile.

Of course, the type of approach will depend on the position the school wants to pass on , but using this mechanism, in addition to bringing the students themselves together, generates sympathy for those who get to know the school through social networks.

However, remember that this is a school and it is essential to have a correct language, no mistakes in Portuguese and a balanced mood.

3. Content Marketing and SEO

One of the most used tools by those who want to be found on the internet through Google is Content Marketing. One of the advantages of strategic content production is that it contributes to another strategy: SEO .

SEO is a set of tactics that help position your school’s pages in the top positions of related searches on Google and other search engines.

Thus, by using content marketing and SEO together, you create content that can be indexed by Google and presented as link options in searches performed on the platform. All this organically, that is, free.

By combining content marketing and SEO you don’t have to pay Google anything.

Through this strategy, you produce relevant content on the College blog so that when researching on related subjects, parents find your school talking about it.

In this case, it is interesting to have professional help, because it will be necessary to do keyword research and production of education-related content that generates the greatest number of searches.

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Learn more about how to use content marketing to your advantage in the video below.

4. Conduct internal research to better understand your ideal customer

Another fundamental point of Digital Marketing for schools is to know your ideal client well. It would be, in a nutshell, a set of ideal characteristics from the customer profiles you have.

That’s why doing internal questionnaires helps a lot, ask more basic things about where the person learned about the school, virtues, and possibilities for improvement, search in your own database for common characteristics to go on defining the personas of your school.

All this data and information, in addition to helping your school to offer the best for its students, will be very useful for the next tip as well.

5. Make ads on Facebook Ads and Google Ads

By knowing your ideal customer well, you can use these parameters to segment your audience according to their interests and behaviors, as well as demographic characteristics.

It is possible, for example, to establish that the ad should only appear to users who have children in a certain age group.

After all, there is no point in your advertising reaching a person without children or with children outside the intended age group.

Through the ads, you can focus on key times like back to school or after vacation.

To create your ads use parameters like:

  • localization,
  • gender,
  • age,
  • income bracket,
  • interests that were defined in the ideal client surveys.