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"As a low cost service, this is a very good place to begin your commercial real estate search."
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Brian Kline

35 Year Real Estate Investor And 10 Year Real Estate Investment Writer.

How It Works


Enter Your Type of Business

ZoneSavvy works with restaurants, retail businesses and office space. Everything from cafes to insurance offices to bike shops are supported.


Enter Your Starting Zip Code

Choose how many miles from this zip code you're willing to consider locating your business. Put a small number of miles to find the best city to locate your business, or put a large number to find the best state to locate your business.


ZoneSavvy Displays a List and a Map That Show Which Neighborhoods Are the Best Match

Each neighborhood is rated on a scale of 1-100%. 100% = a perfect match for a profitable business.

list of top business locations
map of ideal business locations

"[ZoneSavvy] provides real empirical data, which tells a neighborhood's story better than your gut feel or opinion about a particular site"
commercial retail real estate agent
Philip Traikos

Retail Broker

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Real Estate Tech News Agrees

See why they say ZoneSavvy is a "New Best Friend"

"Business owners, property managers, and commercial real estate agents use ZoneSavvy to make smart decisions about location-specific marketing. Whether finding the best place to locate a business or determining who would make an ideal long-term tenant, ZoneSavvy makes the big-chain power of data analysis available to everyone."

Real Estate Tech News, "Zone Savvy: Smart Location Data For Small Businesses"

Unleash the Power of Big Data. Give Your Business the Same Advantages That Big Companies Have

Smart, Data Driven Decisions