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This is one of the questions every entrepreneur asks when putting together their marketing strategy and plan. The truth is, a business cannot grow if it doesn’t have new customers in its base. To meet this need, marketers are constantly looking for the best digital marketing techniques to attract customers.

There is no cake recipe for you to read and apply to your business. As with everything in marketing, we must know our audience, test and measure to see if each strategy is really effective for your type of business.

To help you out in the next meeting when the CEO asks you how to attract more customers, we’ve put together a list of the top digital marketing techniques that you can test and start applying to your business to generate more profit.

Where is your customer?

Before we start listing the main techniques, we have to take a step back and make sure we really know who and where our client is. What channels does he look for information? What are your main pains? How does he talk?

In short, it is necessary to create a persona! And that is nothing more than creating a fictional character from consumer surveys (preferably done in person) that simulates who is the ideal customer for your business. Knowing your customer, language and customs help direct the marketing and sales team to achieve the best results.

It may seem like a waste of time, but knowing your persona is essential in this article to direct the digital marketing technique to attract customers that will best fit your business.

If you still haven’t fully defined who your business persona is, no problem, we have an article with a complete guide for you to create personas for your business on this link.

1. SEO: Deliver the Content Your Client Searches

This is a digital marketing technique to attract customers that should be used in every type of business, whether B2B or B2C. Your customer is constantly doing Google searches about a problem he is facing or looking for a solution to that problem. Being first in the results helps a lot, in the task of attracting more customers.

To be well-positioned you must deliver content on your website or corporate blog (we’ll talk later) targeted according to the surveys your customer makes. To find out which keywords are being searched for and the monthly volume, there are free tools like Google Trends or Google AdWords Planner.

After selecting the best keywords, you insert them on your website or blog within the texts, titles, meta description, external links etc.

Remember not only to focus on words, having a site with good usability, accessible for mobile devices that improves the user experience is also fundamental for Google to rank your site.

If you want a complete study of how to apply this technique, we have our article How to rank on Google: the 5 SEO secrets for a website.

2. Corporate Blog

Many companies that want to position themselves digitally are already using a corporate blog as a digital marketing technique to attract customers. Fully aligned with the SEO strategy, a blog must generate content according to the consumer’s buying journey and the searches they do on Google.

There are several types of content that can be done to attract more customers to your company. We highlight:

  • Lists about some topic (like this post)
  • interviews
  • Case studies
  • Teaching “How to” something
  • Customer Success Cases
  • Checklists
  • Infographics
  • Awards or goals achieved by the company (do not exaggerate)

3. E-books

Another digital marketing technique to attract more customers is to make e-books an in-depth and valuable material that your audience can download straight from your website. An e-book is a more complete content than a blog post, usually focused on a single subject your persona is looking for.

Remember to always make it available for free with a landing page optimized to receive the user’s contact or make him enter your inbound marketing funnel.

A tip is to make e-books in partnerships with other companies that have to do with your business to attract more customers, as they will be 2 channels of dissemination generating more leads (contacts).

4. Podcast

One technique to attract customers in digital marketing that is being used in many companies is Podcasts. More and more people tend to read less, which is why audio and video content (we’ll talk later in this post) is attracting more online users.

Podcasts started out as playlists of songs that a person shared to their audience. Today it is mostly used for people to express their opinion, talk about a certain topic and also do interviews.

To apply to your company, for example, a weekly podcast program can be made that will talk about topics related to your business, always according to the main doubts and interests of your target audience.

5. Press office

Your company being referenced in local or national news brings a lot of credibility to readers, even more if it is a subject that is part of your customer’s buying journey. This reference can make the reader search for your company on the internet, bringing a new audience that has not yet been explored.

Often, the media such as magazines, newspapers, television charge a lot to companies to publish their business, so hiring a press agency can be interesting to generate more organic content and also save on this technique to attract customers.

This strategy is more difficult to measure the return in data, but it is widely used by companies because it has a greater amplitude in the dissemination of their brand.

6. Webinar

In essence, webinars are very similar to the podcasts we discussed above. The difference is that you will make a video broadcast generating more value and creating a closer relationship with your audience.

In most cases, it is recommended to do the webinar live, as the interaction of the public by asking questions and commenting is essential to have more engagement and people interested in participating in the event.

Many companies, after conducting the live webinar, provide their contact base with the recording link, so that they could not watch it completely or want to review it at another time, they have easy access to the video.

As it is live, it is important to prepare everything so as not to minimize errors during transmission. Having a good internet speed and a script of how the webinar will be are part of being successful in attracting customers with this digital marketing technique.

7. Videos

As mentioned above, people tend to use more audio and videos to study some content. According to Sambatech, in 2019, 80% of internet traffic in the world will be in videos. What is your company doing to stay ahead in this technique of attracting customers in digital marketing?

Your company can create a channel on some video platform like Youtube or Vimeo and generate content teaching something, showing a solution, demonstrating your software or also some institutional material.

The tip is not to make long videos, the more objective you can convey the idea, the better. Always remember to make content aligned with your persona and shopping journey.

What were the best digital marketing techniques to attract customers to your business?

Now that you know the main techniques, you should use the one that best fits your company’s persona. It is important that you have some form or landing page to convert all the traffic you will be generating into visits and customers.

Also, when testing something new, it’s important to measure the data to see if the chosen digital marketing technique is really attracting new customers.

Having software that automates these tasks and generates complete reports is essential for evaluating results and making data-driven decisions.

The lahar marketing automation software and provides real-time data of your marketing actions such as traffic, leads and sales, also assists in creating landing pages to capture leads (without codes) and nutrition of these contacts for them to become customers, in addition to several other features.