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how to generate qualified traffic

Nowadays, even large companies have blogs as a way to maintain direct contact with their audience and generate traffic, as this relationship is of fundamental importance to obtain positive results when it comes to digital marketing.

But for you to overcome your entrepreneurial challenges and fulfill your goal, there must be “traffic” on your page, but qualified traffic, carried out by people who, in fact, are your target audience.

This qualified traffic is mainly responsible for the increase in results obtained on the internet.

It is from – and because of – the traffic that the “product” of those who have a blog or website (whether articles, e-books or e-commerce) will be consumed or acquired, making the long-awaited profit possible.

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But how to generate qualified traffic?

How the great entrepreneurs who invest in the digital market, became great for presenting daily, on their websites, high traffic rates?

The secret is in the elaboration of strategies so that, every day, more Internet users access its pages and get to know its work.

Some of these strategies you will see below, with a step-by-step that will help you to generate qualified traffic to your online page.

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Learn how to generate qualified traffic:

In the search to always be “on top” of Google searches, many believe that it is enough to add, repeatedly, certain keywords in published texts, but this is not quite the truth.

Some factors must be taken into account to achieve this goal:

1- Regularity

It is not enough to have a page and believe that internet users will “magically” appear to know your work. Updating your content is important as this will induce Google to constantly search for new content on your website/blog.

2- Target audience

In this aspect, it is necessary to ask: what content are your potential readers and consumers looking for on the internet?

Maybe it’s one of the main items to be mentioned when it comes to SEO, that is, worrying about your user. When maintaining an online page, it is of fundamental importance to have a direct channel to communicate with the public in question, as they are the ones who will make it successful.

Speaking of keywords, for example, it will not be enough to put the most searched ones, as they are also the most sought after by large companies.

Here, it is essential that you use your creativity to generate traffic, reflecting on the most diverse terms and expressions that will be of interest to your target audience.

  • Tip: if possible, chat with them through the aforementioned channel directly from your page. It’s the best way to get the most satisfying results and generate qualified traffic.

3- Internal connection

The user is always looking for something specific, but curiosity is part of being human.

Use this to your advantage, always adding links in your texts that link to other pages on your website or blog. This will complement the searches and enrich the experience of your regulars.

4- Use of keywords

It is not only the text that receives the keywords, but also the tagstitlessubtitlesURLs, and even images.

This is the most productive (and basic) way to optimize pages, generating qualified traffic, allowing Google to work in your favor.

For those who are starting to work with SEO, there is a tool that can help in this journey: WordPress SEO Plugin.

In addition to showing how your page will be viewed on Google (title, URL, and meta-description), the tool has pre-defined boxes for typing your text items, with tips and information (quantity and density) about keywords, the quantity of recommended characters, etc. It is worth checking!

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Sponsored links

The advantage of investing in sponsored links is the greater probability of getting a quick success because, unlike SEO, it allows results in the short term.

In this way, it can be said that, even though they are opposing forces, they work “together”. In addition, it is a guaranteed way to be well-positioned on Google – which increases the chances of the Internet user clicking on your page – increasing your visibility, while not depending on a single way to generate traffic, which can be very varied.

It is interesting to think about the investment of sponsored links when prioritizing a greater strategy in the development of digital marketing and, consequently, already having some experience in the area in question.

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Qualified Traffic Sources

Google is constantly cited when it comes to generating traffic for digital marketing or content marketing, but it is not the only way to be successful and, most importantly, it may not be the main one.

There are other ways on how to generate qualified traffic.

Going back to the introductory paragraph of this article, the focus here is to get “qualified traffic” and, for that, it is essential to know where your specific audience is.

Knowing this, other sources can also be widely used, such as social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and You Tube, for example.

For those who are at the beginning of the process, it is something more difficult, but from the moment this discovery is made, you prioritize your work in a single tool, with a single focus, and maximize your earning possibilities, without investing time where will not generate qualified traffic or considerable profit.

Infographics, Videos, and Other Visual Media

Another way to generate qualified traffic is to use other visual means, which are beyond the infamous standard text. It’s a diverse way to attract people and, at the same time, deliver your message, and it has its advantages, such as:

  • Obtaining links: Of course, when the work is done effectively, people will refer you to it and add the link to their pages, which will generate more traffic.
  • Larger audience: through videos posted on YouTube, for example, it is possible to obtain different, more specific audiences. A person who learns about your work through a video that, in turn, has a link posted on your Facebook page, being part of your target audience, will start attending your page.


Like many things in life, it’s not all that we can grow alone. On the internet, it’s no different.

Partnering with sites or blogs that are in the same niche as yours is a good opportunity to get qualified traffic.

In addition, many pages accept ” guest writers “, which is a possibility to write an article on the same subject that involves your page and, at a given moment, introduce yourself, saying where you are from and presenting, even if implicitly, your work and product for the public that accesses this page.

be different and creative

Every day the difficulty of obtaining original content in online searches increases. For this reason, creativity needs to be always on your side. For your work to bear good fruit, follow these three tips on this aspect:

1- Create a differential for your page

As already mentioned, it is important to try as much as possible to cover the tools available on the internet – as long as they have your target audience to generate qualified traffic.

However, just as important, to attract a considerable number of people interested in your product, it is necessary to look for ways and means to create something that they have not done yet.

It is very common to find pages that offer e-books for free, to demonstrate their work to new users who, in turn, will get the message across, which will drive traffic and, later, increase the number of contacts for real gains. It’s a good example.

2- Engage in a single niche

It is not very good for businesses to start their work online covering different topics, without any connection between them, for two main reasons:

  • First, your audience will most likely not continue following your page, as it presents content that, in its entirety, is not of interest to you.
  • Second, it will be difficult to maintain a standard of quality for your texts, as the theme will be diversified and, consequently, your research work will be much greater.

About that, follow the following tip.

3- Work with quality material

“Quality traffic” is synonymous with “ quality content ”. The SEO tips mentioned at the beginning of this article until recently were the only concern to get a page to appear in the #TOP3 of Google.

However, with constant changes, having original content is even more necessary.

Without a doubt, each of these tips followed correctly, will help your journey towards success in the world of digital marketing and how to generate quality traffic to your page.–Online-and-Offline-Marketing-Tools-