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Do you know how to produce relevant content to capture leads?

When thinking about content offering, always think about the quality and not the amount of information you will present to your future leads.

Nowadays, a lot of information is distributed on the internet and much of it is repetitive, wanting to teach the same things, the same “insights” and “insides”, however, presented in different ways and by different professionals.

To prevent your content production from falling into this trap, we present 6 tips for creating relevant content offers that will help you convert visitors into leads.

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6 tips for producing relevant content

The internet makes it possible to find content in different ways and that can reach the consumer at various points in the purchase journey.

And the most varied digital marketing tools are at your disposal for this, whether it is time to meet competitors, do marketing automationsearch for keywords for SEO, or lead your team and do market research.

But, as much as you use all of this to your advantage, without good content, relevant and that interests your leads and customers, none of this will have any effect.

In fact, these contents are not always adequate enough to turn a user into a lead.

It’s not because you’re offering an amazing e-book, which took a few months to produce, that users will download, read, and ultimately get in touch with your company.

Producing relevant content to capture leads goes far beyond a simple offer.

It is necessary to understand the persona of your business, where it is present, how to look for relevant content, what is its challenge, the stage in which the consumer is in the sales funnel and also the content model such as video productioncreation of infographicswriting e-books and guides and much more.

Here are some examples of content offers you can create to capture leads.

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1- Spreadsheets

Offering a spreadsheet is very useful for the lead. A spreadsheet is a way to organize processes and manage data and information, whether personal, organizational or business.

If you decide to offer a spreadsheet, think about the production of the content to be transmitted: it must be practical and fast.

  • Example: Financial Management Worksheet.

Imagine a company that works with financial consulting for small and medium-sized companies.

It can create a specific spreadsheet offering for SMEs to better manage their financial plan.

Generally, people who are interested in this type of content can become an opportunity for the financial advisory firm.

Check out this example from SEBRAE Paraná for inspiration: Financial Spreadsheets.

2- Checklists

Offering a checklist as a content offer is quite assertive, as many companies offer and present a significant result.

The checklist is created on a subject that is already mastered, that is, the content of a checklist is produced based on what is practiced on a daily basis.

It is a quick content production and very useful to the lead, as it is focused on listing the practices to achieve the final objective.

When the content of the checklist is well produced and directed towards solving the persona’s pains and needs, you can be sure that it will be a great asset to capture leads.

  • Example: Checklist for the first exchange.

In this checklist, the exchange company can include the daily routine, how it is done in practice and what are the tips that help exchange students who are traveling abroad for the first time, in addition to presenting what actions they should take to obtain success in the early days in the new country.

Get inspired by this example: Before Traveling – 6 items from the exchange checklist

3- Demonstrations

Demonstrating your product or service makes the lead know and learn more about your business, and if it’s the right solution for them.

When there’s a conversion to this offer, make sure it’s qualified, because the lead will already experience what it’s like to be a customer of your company.

  • Example: Task and project management software demo

The project and task management market has been growing and also has relevant competition. Decisions are made taking into account factors such as usability, simple processes and other details.

For content production for a demo offer, develop a specific page about it and create a campaign focused on your ideal persona.

You also need to have this campaign within your automation platform and thus receive qualified leads through email nutrition.

And when a user requests this demo, it means that he is in the purchase decision phase and is interested in your product, so he is a funnel bottom lead qualified to receive an approach from the sales team.

This demonstration can be done individually or for a larger group of people, depending on your marketing strategy.

Here’s an example of how to request a customer to schedule a demo: Request a Demo.

4- Ebooks

Ebooks are always excellent offer options for capturing leads.

Today, it is the most used offer model in the market to win new leads, however, the production of ebook content must present informationdata, and statistics relevant to the lead.

This type of offer cannot only be produced to have information about who is visiting a particular page of your company, you need to deliver value through this offer.

Thus, the lead will be even more engaged with your content, will be satisfied with what they have received and will also be prepared to receive an approach from your company in the future.

  • Example: Guide on digital marketing

A specialized agency needs to capture leads for its base and ultimately turn them into new clients.

By creating an offer for an ebook about a digital marketing guide it is possible to receive the lead information “in exchange” for the content.

This offer can be triggered to the base of leads that already exist but are not yet customers, or you can also create a media campaign specifically to generate new conversions.

5- Webinars

Webinars are always good offers for your business, being a very popular format for content production. Webinars have a more personal touch that can bring your company closer to your potential customer.

For this offer, you will not have a high cost, just with a microphone and a computer it is already possible to start recording a webinar.

An important advantage is that the webinar can be live or recorded.

When the webinar is live, there is a need to notify your potential customers of the day and time it will be held. Remember: The webinar that was done live can also be saved and capture leads over time, as long as it is available to the public.

  • Tip: If you’re going to invest in creating content for a recorded webinar, it’s a good idea to generate a stream of emails to send the videos with separate themes, so you deliver greater value to your offer.

6- Templates

Templates are a great way to attract qualified leads because of their extremely practical appeal.

They are essential templates ready to be used in any context, such as presentations, spreadsheets or any other template that facilitates a particular job.

  • Tip: This material needs to be self-explanatory or contain instructional content.

When your company shares creative ideas, which are used to improve everyday actions, it gains authority by helping others and still manages to capture many leads.

These are some offers you can already put in place to capture leads for your company.

With these content offers and specific actions, you will be able to deliver value and increase the number of qualified leads in your base.

You can also merge these offer templates with Consultations, Content Kits, Slide Shows as well as Podcasts.

Have you already used any of these offers to capture leads? Tell us about your experience!