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Influence Marketing

The influence marketing is here to stay. With the growing number of online content creators, establishing partnerships with so-called influencers is a strategy with great results.

Among them, increased sales, brand expansion and greater public recognition.

Therefore, the main objective of influence marketing is to work with digital influencers, creating a bridge between the brand and the audience.

Due to the strong identification of users with the influencers they follow, companies find the right opportunity to establish partnerships that increase the dissemination of products or services.

To get an idea, about 40% of Twitter users said they made a purchase by the direct influence of some tweet from content creators. If we go to other social networks, this percentage could be even higher.

Think for a minute about how many times you haven’t already sought an influencer’s review or opinion before making a purchase.

This is very common in beauty products such as face cream and makeup.

With the ever-increasing expansion of the network of influencers, nowadays it is possible to find various types of goods and activities recommended by content writers.

In today’s article, learn the main reasons to invest in influence marketing and the advantages of this strategy. Follow the reading.

1 – Ability to reach a wide audience

According to the World Atlas survey, Brazil is the second country with the largest number of YouTube users (69.5 million), losing only to the United States (167.4 million).

With these numbers, you can already get an idea of ​​how much the platform helps in marketing.

In addition, data from Think With Google showed that 95% of the Brazilian population watches videos on YouTube.

Altogether, Statista reported that 63% of Brazilians access their Instagram account several times a day.

For that reason, using influence marketing is the chance to get your business publicized to a large number of people.

After all, whoever follows a certain influencer will come across their party flyer, for example, and get to know the event.

Of course, if you partner with the biggest influencers in the country, the chances of reaching a large audience are even greater.

However, it is necessary to choose well who the content producers will be, as they need to share the same values ​​as the brand.

2 – High audience segmentation

On the internet, it’s no use going around “shooting everywhere”. After all, people can decide what they want to watch and what content they want to consume, meaning users look for personalized material.

That’s where influence marketing can help. That’s because by choosing a specific influencer, you’ll reach a targeted audience that shares the same values ​​and interests as the content producer. Therefore, it is important to choose the influencer well.

For example, if you want to promote Plot in nova city islamabad, it’s worth partnering with real estate investors.

Thus, by impacting users who are already interested in the niche in which your company operates, it is the chance to facilitate the path to purchase.

3 – Ease of access to influencers

It’s not always easy (and cheap) to hire a television celebrity to advertise your brand. Even when it’s simple, like using a custom fabric bag with the company’s logo.

However, on the internet, the accessibility of influencers is much easier. In fact, many content producers work with swaps, which makes the partnership much more economical for companies.

Of course, that’s not a rule of thumb, but you can find the influencer that most closely matches your audience and budget.

4 – Achievement of real results

According to a study by the Tomson influencer marketplace, around 51% of marketers said that the influence strategy brings great results, with more qualified and purchase-prone customers.

The survey also showed that ROI (Return on Investment) is quite significant. For every $1 invested, companies had revenues of $6.50 on average.

No wonder that many marketers recommend this strategy for any type of product, from a wine gift to various services.

5 – Awakens public confidence

When we need to buy a product, it is common to look for information about the merchandise on the internet, but also to look for opinions from other people who have already had experience with the item.

This is quite common in the market, so much so that it is a trigger known as “social proof”.

Due to the sense of closeness that followers have with influencers, it is common for people to look for recommendations made by these internet celebrities.

Thus, if your brand is recommended by an influencer, users will have confidence in your product or service.

This recommendation can be done in several ways, such as:

  • A review of the merchandise;
  • Live product testing;
  • Advertising advertisements;
  • Comments from influencers.

Even some brands sign contracts that cover various types of materials, such as audio recording for advertising.

6 – Helps with brand reputation

Influence marketing results go beyond increasing sales and winning new potential customers.

By investing in a strategy, your brand gets closer to people, which helps build a much better reputation for the company.

In fact, it is possible to overcome purely commercial issues and share the brand’s institutional values.

For example, if your company has a strong commitment to sustainability, it’s interesting to establish partnerships with YouTubers that talk about this.

So, more than an informative advertising banner, you also show your business interests.

7 – Enriches the content strategy

Influence marketing can also enrich your content strategies.

When you share relevant materials with influencers, you can increase disclosures and share quality information with the public.

However, the construction of content must be done by the influencer himself.

This means that when reviewing a new computer, the brand cannot interfere with the influencer’s comments so that the approach remains authentic and original.

In this sense, the influencer’s contents must be complementary to your brand’s strategy, aiming to expand the dissemination of the product or service, as well as to get closer to the public.

8 – Help in the purchase decision

Seeing what influencers think about a particular product is something very common these days, even more so with the growing complexity of the purchase process.

As such, influence marketing can help make this decision simpler.

Knowing the opinion of people who have an affinity with the subject or service is essential to define which product to choose.

For this reason, disclosure by influencers is extremely positive, with a high potential for conversion into sales.

9 – Offers different formats of dissemination

The advancement of social media and online content production technologies allowed influencers to create different types of materials.

Some formats are already better known, such as publipost, paid partnerships and campaigns.

In the publipost, disclosure is identified as advertising within the content itself.

This can be done with the delivery of samples of a particular product, which are the famous “received”, being one of the most common partnership alternatives.

But, the influencer can go beyond these formats. However, it is essential to identify the content as a partnership or advertising, being a rule for internet advertising.

After all, the influencer needs to be honest with his or her followers, demonstrating that that content is part of a paid advertising or partnership.


The digital influencers grow increasingly being “famous the internet.” In fact, some of them are better known than traditional celebrities, being a profitable and contemporary profession.

Besides this, the so-called influence marketing also expands your horizons, being a viable alternative for companies that want to increase their digital recognition and sales.

Today’s article brought out some of the key benefits of influence marketing. But, the benefits go far beyond that. Therefore, it is a strategy that is conquering more and more brands, from different niches and segments.

So if you haven’t planned a campaign with influence marketing yet, it’s high time to apply the strategy.